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has anyone here had success growing flowers in an aerogarden?
i've done herbs in mine, but i wanted to plant a flower garden in it next. i figure if i do it mid august i should be filled in just in time for halloween!
here's what i'm thinking about:
back row:
on either side, armenian poppy with frosted sunset snapdragon in the center.
for the front row:
coal black pansy in the center and black viola on either side.
hopefully this will work out and later i can transplant some of these outside.
coolest herb bed EVER.

Jan. 7th, 2008

last summer my husband and i bought a new house. it's a "low country coastal cottage" with a small front yard. from day one my plan has been to put up a white picket fence with an arbor over the walkway, and to replace the front yard with a cottage garden. all of the plants i've selected are pinks and purples, and as much as possible i've tried to go for flowers that have that disheveled, ruffled, look to them. they are the kinds of flowers that put me in mind of those eccentric old ladies from victorian literature, like miss havisham from great expectations.

large schematic behind the cutCollapse )

New Gardening Community

I just created a community for people interested in carnivorous plants. IF you grow, study, or want to learn more about flesh-eating flowers, please cone check us out at carnivore_plant

Jul. 13th, 2007

how do you get rid of bugs in your yard in the summer? i've ordered some of this stuff and i'm going to give it a try.
i was wondering if anyone else had tried it or something similar and how well it works.
this month's domino magazine has a fairly good article about starting a night blooming garden.
the info is also available on their website here.

long time, no posts

since no one has posted here in ages i thought i'd get us going for this year.

my daughter lily will be four next week and lately she's been showing an interest in the garden. today she and i planted 3 dahlias, a gerber daisy and a geranium. we also set up some seed starters - basil, radishes, marigolds and daisies. i'm really happy that she's wanting to help now instead of just trampling/drowning my plants! *LOL*

my husband and i are in the process of buying a house, and i've been giving some thought to what i'm going to plant. i'm planning to put in a white picket fence in the front and turn the entire front yard into a cottage style garden (i'm very anti front lawn.)
i'm still trying to decide if i want to go with a specific color scheme or if i just want it to be more traditional and random. i'd also like to eventually set up an outdoor "room" in the back yard. i still really like the idea of doing a black and white garden, probably with a bunch of night bloomers. i'll more than likely do that in the back yard.

we're supposed to close on the house and start moving in next month. once things get going i'll post some pictures.

should I be concerned?

On the subject of moonflowers....

I have 4 coming up beautifully. One of my vines is going on 4 feet! I am concerned though. So far I have no signs of flowers, just lots of foliage. I planted in late May. Can anyone tell me when I should expect blooms? Is there anything I can do to encourage blooms? I have weeded all around them, and they are climbing the fence that separates my yard from the neigbours. I have one in full sun (the one thats so tall) and the other three are in partial sun.

I've been watering every other day. (I live in WI, so its rare that the heat dries up the garden throughout a single day)

Should I maybe be watering more often? Less often?

Any advice would be appreciated.



hey all :)

Ok I hae a question.  I'm new to moonflowers and the package says to "nick" them.   Can someone please tell me what this ?  means?  Am I supposed to nip a part of them off?


hi there, I'm a newbie, not just to this comm, but to gardening in general.

My husband and I moved into this house in August, and now that spring is here, and I am home alone quite a lot, I decided to make use of the front and back yard.

We have a small back yard, but we like to entertain on weekend evenings with cookouts and whatnot, so I am definitely wanting some night bloomers back there. BUT I dont know much about night blooming flowers and due to the neighbours dogwood tree on one side, and the other neighbours lilacs on the other side, theres not a lot of sunny space on the edges of the yard.

I dont really know a lot about gardening, except that I love digging in the dirt. If anyone can reccomend some night bloomers that dont need a lot of sun, it would be greatly appreciated

thanks much!